September 1st 2016

Well, we’re all on final approach with the gear down. Two weeks to go and pleased to say that the runway is clearly in sight. You’ve been “Cleared to Land.” Now, here’s some taxi instructions.

The event times are now posted for all of our events on the “Program” box of this web site. To assist your planning please check that box for times and locations.

There is a lot of construction around the hotel ares due to the installation of Ottawa’s new Light Rail Transport system causing parking problems and traffic delays. The best way to get around town is on the OC Transpo buses. The stops are close to the hotel and the regular cash fares (exact change please) is only $3.65, and for seniors 65+ only $2.75 and free on Wednesdays. See the “Travel” box for bus service from and to the airport.

Check the “Program ” box for details on the Friday morning “Something for the Aviators” event.

For those who wish to make a voluntary contribution to the “Vintage Wings Hawk One” project you will be able to do so at Vintage Wings. Sabre pilots are renowned for their generosity and our contributions will help keep our favourite aircraft flying.

Details for the 421 Sqn. Party are posted in the “Sqn/Wing Parties” box on this web site.

The Friday evening “Return to 4 Wing” party at the RCAF Officers Mess is now fully booked.

For those attending the 439 and the “Return to 4 Wing” parties, shuttle bus service to the Mess will be available starting around 1730. There will not be a bus available for return travel to the hotel following the parties.

Payments for cash bar events in the hotel can be made by cash, credit or debit cards. Sales points will be set up at the Meet and Greet and the same tickets can be used the evening of the Dinner Dance. They will not be accepted for payment in the hotel for other than our events.

The Meet and Greet times are Thursday from 16oo to 1900 in the Pinnacle and Panorama Rooms. Hot and cold hors d’ouvres and a cash bar will be available.

The “Hospitality Suite” will be available at certain times during the reunion. A limited supply of complimentary wine, beer and mix will be available. BYOB for your favourite other beverage. Opening times and location will be posted on the notice board in the lobby. Lions should contact Dick Dunn for “Lions Den Details.”

You are reminded that on Sunday, the September 18th “Battle of Britain” ceremonies will be held at the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum starting at 1000. It’s unfortunate that there is no public transportation to the museum, however there are many cabs and Uber service available to get to the ceremony if you wish. You are advised to arrive at least 15 minutes early in order to navigate to the parade area. Weather permitting, there will be a flypast of Vintage Wings and other aircraft. Consult the RCAF Association web site for details.

Kevin Anderson, the curator of the new New Brunswick Aviation Museum in Chatham will be in town on our reunion weekend. We hope that you will see him at the Meet and Greet. It would be great if you could bring any Sabre memorabilia that you may want to donate. They are still looking for items to allow them to adequately tell the Sabre story, including items from each squadron, the OUT, STU and OFU, and Korea, including crests, photos, helmets, flight suits, log books, etc.

That’s all for now, folks. Check this web site from time to time for “Breaking News” and any changes that might pop up between now and “Show Time.”

We look forward to enjoying the party with you and wish all a pleasant trip to our beautiful nation’s capital and SPAADS 2016.

August 1, 2016

Your committee is pleased to report that we’re still on the flight plan as we get closer to the ETA for SPAADS 2016.

To assist the committee in the final stages of planning it would be appreciated, if you have not done so, to please register at your earliest convenience. The “Registration” box on this web site contains all the details. If you wish to take advantage of the tour of Vintage Wings on Friday and haven’t already let us know please send an e-mail to Bill Arthurs at

Wishing an enjoyable August to all.

Breaking News!

A 441 Squadron dinner will be held at 1830 hours, Friday, September 16th at Gibsons on Queen Street ( Directions from the Delta Hotel: North on Lyon to Queen. West on Queen to the SW corner of Queen and Bay (in the Radisson Hotel). Google says three minute walk – maybe a bit more for us mature folks. RSVP: Bill Lynn, or 416-441-2134.

July 1st, 2016

Happy Canada Day to all.

The Delta Hotel has just informed us that our block of rooms for SPAADS 2016 is now fully booked and that there are no rooms remaining at our special group rate. It just so happens that the annual “Army Run” racing is on in town the same weekend as our reunion so it could be difficult to find accommodations in the city core. There are however many B&Bs in the city as well as smaller hotels and motels south of the city centre. The Ottawa bus system is excellent and most of these accommodations will normally be close to a bus route leading to the Delta Hotel and all are within a taxi or Uber ride to the Delta. “Let your fingers do the walking”on the internet and you’re sure to find a place.

There have been a few requests for information regarding acceptable dress for the Saturday evening dinner dance. At past reunions we have seen everything from kilts to tuxedos for the men, with most sporting a jacket and tie. For the ladies we know that you will always look dazzling and entirely appropriate in whatever you may choose to wear. We’re sure that you will find just the right thing for you to be most comfortable in. And that’s it!

Correction – In the June update we mentioned that we hadn’t heard from the 1 Wingers about their squadron parties. Our apologies. 439 will be holding their squadron party at the RCAF Officers Mess lower bar on the evening of Friday the 16th. Check the Sqn/Wing Parties box of this web site for details.

June 1, 2016

Almost 300 have registered with SPAADS 2016 to date, with a similar number booked into the Delta Hotel. As of this writing there are still a few rooms left at our SPAADS 2016 rates but there’s no guarantee how much longer they may be available.

Don’t forget that Air Canada is offering a 5% reduction on Tango fares and 10% on all other types of fares. This reduction only applies to the fare part of your ticket and not to the taxes and service charges levied by the government and airport authorities. Consult the “TRAVEL” box of this web site to get the details and the SPAADS code for booking.

All 3 Wingers should have a look at the “SQN/WING PARTIES” section of the web site to get the details on the 3 Wing party planned for Thursday evening following the Meet and Greet at the hotel. To date, we have not heard from the 1 Wingers as to any parties they may be planning. Let us know and we’ll post the details right away.

There is no formal golf tournament planned for the 2016 Reunion. However, some folks do plan to golf on Friday or Saturday. Bob and Beatrice Dagenais and Don and Pat Boyd intend to play and will be driving to the course (probably Mont Cascades, north of Gatineau/Hull). Contact Bob Dagenais if interested in joining for a round (613 562-9855).

May 1 2016

Still “On course and on the glidepath.”

Just in case you haven’t booked with the Delta Hotel yet, we strongly recommend that you do not delay. Our contracted block of rooms at the special SPAADS 2016 rate of $159 per night has only a few rooms left. After they are fully booked you may have to find alternate accommodations. Simply go to the “Accommodations” block on this web site to book your room at the Delta.

As you can see from our “Who’s Coming” section of the web site, over 270 have sent in their SPAADS 2016 registration form to date. We really appreciate this great response and to assist us with our planning we ask those who have not yet registered to do so at your earliest convenience. Simply click on “Registration” and download the registration form.

Please note that for the Vintage Wings tour on Friday, the 16th of September, the first who reserve for the tour will be scheduled to depart on bus A at 1300 hrs, then once it has been fully booked the next to reserve will be booked on bus B, and then C if required. Much appreciated if you can book well ahead of time with Bill Arthurs, Check the “Program” box for details.

Members of 416 Squadron should contact Hugh Bacon, 430 Sqn, or Renaud Prefontaine, 421 Sqn, if they wish to join 430 or 421 squadrons at one of the parties planned for those squadrons. Check the “Sqn/Wing Parties” box on the web site for information.

You may have noticed that our web site now has a block for “Memories.” For those who may recall an anecdote or song we would all enjoy, please submit it to and you too can trick us into believing that your memory is fully functional.

That’s it for now. Check in from time to time for any news or changes and don’t miss our 1 June monthly update. The blue side is still up.

April 1, 2016

Still “On course and on the glide path.”

A small correction from our last update – Although there is no airshow at Gatineau and Vintage Wings at the time of our reunion, the “Wings Over Gatineau” air show will be held on the 30th of June. Information is available on the Vintage Wings web site.

For those who plan to take advantage of the SPAADS tour of Vintage Wings on Friday afternoon, the 16th of Sept., please drop a quick e-mail to our registrar, Bill Arthurs at and let him know if you plan to attend. It’s important for planning purposes that we have a good idea of the number of SPAADS who wish to take advantage of this opportunity. See the “Program” box of this web site for details.

Room registrations with the Delta Hotel are going very well. There are still rooms left under our contracted block but we would strongly advise that you book early to take advantage of the special SPAADS 2016 rate. Simply click on the “Accommodations” block on this web site.

Also not a bad idea to register early with SPAADS 2016. Details and the registration sheet are found by clicking on the “Registration” block on this web site. Over 220 of Canada’s finest have registered to date.

Don’t forget that Air Canada is the Official Airline for SPAADS 2016. Discounted flights are available on the “Travel” block of this web site.

That’s it for now. Tune in at the beginning of next month for the May update. Til then, keep the blue side up.

1 March 2016 Update

Pleased to report we are still “on course and on the glide path.”

Over 170 have now registered with SPAADS 2016. To assist the committee with its planning, to qualify for the door prize and to get your name on the “who’s coming” page, early registration would be appreciated.


Some of our fellow SPAADS have indicated that they would like to visit Vintage Wings and tour the excellent collection of war birds, the Hawk One Sabre and other aircraft. In response we are pleased to let you know that 2 one hour tours (3 if required) of Vintage Wings have been planned for Friday afternoon, the 16th of September. A bus shuttle has been organized between the Delta hotel and Vintage Wings starting at 1300 hours, with the last shuttle returning to the hotel at approximately 1730 hours. Please consult the “PROGRAM” box on this website for any updates on the times. The all-inclusive cost will be $15 per person and can be paid when checking in at the SPAADS registration desk in the Delta Hotel. To assist us in planning could you please contact our registrar, Bill Arthurs at and let us know if you plan to take advantage of this excellent opportunity. Numbers are limited and tour time preferences will be based on a first-come-first-served basis.


The Canadian War Museum is only a 20 minute walk from the Delta Hotel. As a veteran you are entitled to free parking, a free lunch for you and free admission for yourself and two guests. All you have to do is provide the staff at the museum’s reception area with proof of military service. Acceptable proof includes DND retirement ID, a copy of your discharge certificate, or a CF 1 card. Go to the “TRAVEL” box of this web site if you wish to use OC Transpo (the bus) for your travel requirements. The museum link can be found in the “OTTAWA” box on this web site.

February 1, 2016

This is the first update to the SPAADS 2016 web site this year and our first opportunity to assure you that we are “on course and on the glide path” on our way to our September reunion. Membership response has been more than excellent and the program has been “fleshing out” quite nicely.

Hotel bookings have been exceptional with the majority of our 175 room block booked already.

Over 125 members and guests have completed their registrations and paid to SPAADS 2016. We would remind you that there is a valuable door prize for those who have registered and paid prior to 1 May, 2016 so register early with SPAADS 2016 and get your name on the “Who’s Coming” list on the web site.

Air Canada has been chosen as the Official Airline of SPAADS 2016. Check the “Travel” box for details. Information concerning ground transportation has also been added.

More Squadron Parties are being arranged. Check the “Sqn/Wing Parties” box for details.

Next posting – Early March, or as required.

December 1, 2015

The Ottawa members of SPAADS look forward to, again, welcoming our fellow members as our guests to join us in your nation’s capital for the 2016 reunion.

Our SPAADS 2016 website has just been activated. Here you will find information helpful for you to register for the reunion, make your hotel reservations, and assist you with your stay here in Ottawa.

This website will be a work in progress. More detailed information will be added as we get closer to the reunion to reflect any modifications or changes to the program. As the registrations come in we will be adding to the list of those who are attending so that you will be able to check out which sunny faces you can expect to see when you arrive.

A registration form has been included in the SPAADS 2016 website. The cost of reunion registration is $160 per person. For those who register and pay their registration prior to May 1, 2016 qualifies them for a door prize valued at approximately $400. All reunion registrations and payments must be by surface mail only. Hotel room reservations can be made directly by phone with the hotel or by internet using the “Accommodations” link on this website. The hotel will be offering a complimentary room upgrade for the first 40 SPAADS members to reserve.

The Delta City Centre Hotel, 101 Lyon St. N, Ottawa, ON K1R 5T9. telephone 613-237-3600.

SPAADS room rate is $159 + tax, available from the 10th thru 19th September. 175 rooms are now available at this rate. Please inform the hotel that you are attending the SPAADS reunion in order to be given our preferred rate.