A small selection of merchandise will be available for advance ordering.  We will not require advance payment due to the complexity involved.  However, your word is your bond, and should you cancel, we expect payment, including postal charges to deliver the merchandise. Please place your order ASAP as it will determine the size of shipment.

If you wish to order any merchandise, go to the link at the bottom of the page to register your order.

Mens Cap:  $19.99
One size fits all
Sort of like the composite shown below. Actual photo to follow.

Ladies Cap:  TBA – Standby for info

Men’s Polo Shirt: $34.99
White, with logo
Available in sizes:  M – Medium, L – Large, XL- Extra Large & XXL  Extra extra Large

Ladies Silk Scarf: $34.99
RCAF Tartan – Similar to scarf shown below but printed silk
Sizes:  50 cm 170 cm or approximately 20″ x 66″

Book: Farm Boy to Flyboy $14.99
by Col (Ret’d) G. Brennand

From his childhood growing up in Depression-era rural Manitoba to his rise through the ranks to become a colonel in the Royal Canadian Air Force, Col Gordon Brennand’s memoir, Farm Boy to Flyboy, is as much a history of the RCAF in the twentieth century as it is an account of his own life.

He logged four thousand hours on various jet aircraft types including over 1100 hours on the F-86 Sabre. Fascinating and insightful, this book will appeal to those who are fascinated by the military and flying.

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