Wine- SPAADS Special Edition

 St Hubertus Estate Winery

Since 1984 the Gebert Family, originally from Switzerland, have produced wines that reflect the terroir of the north Okanagan Valley. These two fine wines were served, and were well received at SPAADS 2010 Penticton.

Thanks to the generosity of the Gebert Family, you can order for your personal pleasure at a discounted price.

Chasselas (White) $ 18.99  Regular price with tax $22.45
Chasselas is the typical white wine in Switzerland. Overlooked elsewhere for a very long time, Chasselas is now slowly being rediscovered by winemakers worldwide. The low acidity makes it very easy to drink. A highly flexible wine – a wine for all circumstances.

M.Foch (Red) $ 19.99 Regular price with tax $25.30
Maréchal Foch is a hybrid French red wine grape. Typically, it produces a deep, dark, robust purple-coloured red wine that has strong acidity and mild tannins.

If you wish to order these fines wines embellished with the iconic SPAADS labels, please click HERE.

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