Cruises & Side Trips

Whistler Resort is a great destination for a side trip and is but a 1:40 drive from the hotel.

Click link below for information:


The cruises listed below are compatible with the dates of our reunion. Any booking will be on an individual basis with NO involvement of the SPAADS 2018 Committee. 

Tuesday August 29th: Alaska Cruise 7 nights – Vancouver – Alaska – Vancouver

for Info: 

to Book: 1-800-514-9986 ext. 7174

Wednesday Sept 13th: Hawaii Cruise 11 nights- one way

for Info:

to Book: 1 888 407 2784

You can also book with KVI Travel – specialists working with airlines and military.  You must register for their special rates.

Toll free: 1-877-760-2583


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